FIS Event Personas

Making Networking More Instant, More Valuable and More Fun

Thousands of people in the B2B Financial Tech community attend FIS events each year, and the #1 reason is to network. So we created a digital + in-person experience featuring four original Personas to make it easier to make connections.


Each Persona was a well-defined character, complete with its own traits and behaviors. To find their Persona, attendees took a short quiz within the FIS Events App.

social copy 3.png

Then, they picked their pin and attached it to their name tag for an instant conversation starter.

Pins to help attendees identify which Persona they are.

The Personas made an appearance at the event’s networking lunch with posters alongside the food stations.

Easel Boards used during the event’s networking lunch.

Videos in lobbies and lounges throughout the conference space gave a deeper dive into the Personas.

social copy.png

Personas Added Personality

Persona content was shared in social, and the Maven Peacock, Dynamo Cheetah, Integrator Rabbit and Guardian Owl even had their own accounts within the FIS Events App, posting and engaging with attendees.


After the day’s sessions were over, our Persona Animals turned into Party Animals at the evening receptions.

Koozies that helped illustrate what kind of Party Animals our Personas can turn into.

Personas Were A Big Plus
With 90% of Attendees Participating.

(Results measured by unique number of Persona surveys taken). We also received tremendous feedback in post-event communications, including requests from attendees who wanted to leverage the Personas with their own companies.